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Alex Hamed Musa
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Alex Hamed Musa

I'm a Freelancer full stack Developer with over 5 years of experience.

I'm a Freelancer Full Stack Developer with more than 5 years of work professional experience on both front-end and back-end. I code and create web elements and applications for amazing people around the world using, but not limited to, Laravel, PHP, HTML, and Java script. I also create UI/UX designs, Logos, and other graphic works for clients. I currently live in Lagos, Nigeria, and I like to work with new people. New people new Experiences.

  • 30+ Projects & designs Completed

  • 12+ Happy Clients

My Skills

  • PHP

  • HTML

  • CSS




  • XD , figma, sketch

  • Photoshop, illustrator

Annie, the blonde, dressed in a green hoodie with a smile on her face

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  • Chinwe Ebere Nwosu
    My time working with Musa was one of the best work experience I have. As an amazing team player, Musa never leaves any stone unturned, quite dedicated and relentless until success is achieved.
    Truth is, one can never get weary of working with him on software development projects and I look forward to more amazing projects we will work on together.

    Chinwe Ebere Nwosu

    Founder at Andromagik / HR

  • Jennifer Lutheran
    Working with hamed as been an amazing process from start to finish. he is excellent at what he does.

    Abiodun Joseph

    Co-Founder at Lerafia

  • Jennifer Lutheran
    I am very glad to have worked with him on many projects including the development of Skylar's website and he is great at what he does. Looking forward to future partnership with him.

    Ahmed Buhari

    CEO at Skylar Business Solution

  • Jennifer Lutheran
    I love the new logo / brand design he did for me and his patience to understand what i wanted was top notch.

    Joy Amaize

    CEO at jlead collection